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  • Includes: Cycle Jersey & lunch

  • Includes: Cycling Jersey & lunch

  • Includes: Cycle Jersey & lunch

  • Includes: lunch

  • Must be 13-18 on May 20, 2018. Includes: lunch

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Terms & Agreements

Terms & Conditions
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1. In consideration of the acceptance of this entry and by signing this Release for myself (and /or for my child if my child if my child is under 18). I agree to RELEASE, HOLD HARMLESS, and INDEMNIFY Lyme Land Conservation Trust Inc and all its sponsors, their respective officers, agents, members, employees and volunteers, as well as the State of Connecticut, Connecticut Department of Transportation, State Police, Counties, and Towns through which this event, Tour de Lyme, may pass, and any other parties connected with this bicycle event including but not limited to elected and appointed officials and their employees (the “Indemnified Parties”) for any injury, loss or damage suffered as a result of my (and/or my child’s) participation in this bicycle event or any activity associated with it, including injury, loss or damage caused by the NEGLIGENCE of any Indemnified Party.

2. I understand that there are certain risks associated with bicycle riding, including the risk of serious personal injury or death, and I expressly agree to assume these risks on my behalf (and or that of my child). I understand the route chosen may be challenging, not necessarily the safest or easiest route, and that weather, road or traffic conditions may make this ride more difficult. I warrant that I am (and/or my child is) in proper physical condition to participate in this event, that I am (and/or my child is) a sufficiently competent cyclist to handle the road conditions, and that my bicycle (and/or that of my child) is in safe operating condition.

3. I understand that wearing a helmet that meets the CPSC, SNELL, ASTM or ANSI bicycle safety standards can minimize head injuries which may occur in a cycling accident and that Tour de Lyme requires all riders to wear helmets. I agree (and/or to cause my child) to wear a helmet while participating in this event and to follow the rules of the road and all applicable laws and safe bicycling practices. It is my sole responsibility to ensure that my helmet (and/or that of my child) meets CPSC, SNELL, ASTM or ANSI standards and to wear my (and or cause my child to ear such) helmet while participating in this event.

4. I agree to HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNIFY Lyme Land Conservation Trust Inc if I (and/or my child) transfer my (and/or his or her) Registration or Ride Number, for any injury, loss or damage suffered as a result of the participation of the individual using my Registration or Ride Number unless that individual also signs this Release Agreement.

5. I give permission to Tour de Lyme to use my image (and/or my child’s) in any future event promotional materials should it appear in photos taken during this Event.

6. I understand that this Release is also binding on my heirs and representatives. If I am signing on behalf of a (child under 18) I accept full responsibility for all medical expenses incurred as a result of the child’s participation. I agree to HOLD HARMLESS and INDEMNIFY the entities named above for any claims brought on behalf of the child.

7. By registering, I agree to read and familiarize myself with the information in the registration materials and follow (and/or to cause my child to follow) the procedures and rules. I will fill out credit card information or include check or money order (US Funds) payable to Lyme Land Conservation Trust.

8. Any legal action that may arise from my participation in this event will be handled in the state of Connecticut according to Connecticut State law.

*Consent for Medical Care and Treatment of a child under 18 By signing below I also authorize medical treatment for the child registering for Tour de Lyme and agree to be responsible for any costs associated with such treatment.

Tour de Lyme is a cycling event organized by the Lyme Land Conservation Trust, Inc

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